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Difference between SUV and Compact SUV

If you are planning to buy a car that is spacious, both for people and luggage, but shouldn’t be as big as SUV, what would you do? Most of you might consider Minivans as the substitute but even these vans are not as economical as they sound. Compact SUVs play a major role in this issue. Where other cars including Minivans do not give a good gas mileage, Compact SUVs are the best options both in terms of money, mileage, and other features.


Compact SUVs are a trend these days and many automobile giants like Jeep, etc are manufacturing these types of cars. Also, they have economical value and are a suitable option for large families. Moreover, these SUVs can hold plenty of luggage as well as around 4-5 adults, each having enough leg space. Now let us discuss some of the major differences between a normal SUV and a compact SUV.

The frame of the car:

As compared to a big SUV, there is a huge difference in the framework of a Compact SUV. In Compact SUVs, the frame is similar to a car-style frame instead of a truck-style frame. It makes a comparatively larger room in the interior and offers a comfortable and smoother ride.


The size of an SUV definitely speaks about its strength. Though Compact SUV is a good option in terms of money and features, the kind of strength you get in big SUVs is less in compact SUVs. They do not have the ability to tow other vehicles the way normal SUV’s have.


As compared to big SUVs, you get an array of options in the case of Compact SUVs. You can select and buy a compact SUV based on the number of seats and cargo space required by you and your family.

Gas Mileage

The major difference between a big SUV and a compact SUV is the gas mileage. Because of their design, Compact SUVs offer you better mileage than big SUVs. Buying a compact SUV might save you a huge sum of money in petrol consumptions.


However, selecting an SUV between the two options can be a tough task. It all depends on your requirement. If you love to move around every now and then carrying another car or a boat, then big SUVs such as Mahindra Bolero are the best option  for you. If you just want a car that has enough space for your family members and cargo, you should go for Compact SUVs.


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