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Air conditioner in the car is actually a reason to breathe during the scorching summer. Nevertheless, you can only take the pleasure of the cool breeze, if your AC is clean and in the working stage. This time, we will share with you an easy method using which you can clean the car AC on your own; which will give you a good output plus will save money too. So, do you want to know how to clean car AC?

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Step by step method of how to clean car AC


The primary step is to dismantle the AC. Also, do it with free hands to avoid any damage. By removing the AC, you will be able, to begin with, the cleaning process easier.

Preventive measures to maintain car AC

FlushHere you can make use of air conditioning flush for this step. Flush each and every part of AC, so there is no amount of dust, debris, webs left behind.

Check for leakage

It will take some time if you are doing it for the first time. For checking leakage, you need to examine the ducts which are in the form of long tubes. If any holes are resulting in leakage then immediately cover it using duct tape.


This is a can shape thing fixed in the car AC which is designed to filter the air and remove unwanted debris and dust. You can easily remove it with a gentle hand. If it not in the working stage, then remove it or else you can assemble it again. You can easily buy a new and fresh accumulator from any automobile shop or from online as well.

Fix it back

Once everything is done, you can fix the car AC back to its original position.

These were the steps of how to clean car AC. Now you are ready with the brief; so get started right away. If you don’t want to do Car Air Conditioner (Car AC) Service by yourself, then you can take help of a professional mechanic too. Also, get in touch with us to enjoy 24/7 roadside car assistance.

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