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In India, every car owner faces the issue of a dead or weak battery at least once in their lifetime. To start the battery the method of Jump-starting is used. As dead batteries are becoming common, hiring technicians to Jumpstart is becoming more common as well. When a person is in an emergency to go somewhere and the vehicle does not ignite, it not only disturbs his routine but also disturbs him mentally. Calling a Roadside assistance will be your go-to choice as the service providers aim on giving you the best service possible in minimal time.

The issue can be identified prior, While igniting the vehicle the engine might not start. Even after many tries there will be no sign of engine recovery. In such cases if there aren’t any immediate backup batteries you can call for assistance.


What causes the issue,

  • Old Battery.
  • Energy Drained in the battery.
  • Cold Weather conditions.
  • When engines are idle for many days.
  • Excess usage of battery-draining devices.

The Professional technician will use Jumper cables/wires to connect with another battery to recharge. Jump starting needs a little experience, safety precautions, and more time in service and checking the engines in order to eliminate the same issues in further days. So, it is not recommended to do self-jump-start on vehicle, and contacting a professional is strictly advised.

That’s when GarageOnRoad comes to your rescue. We have partnered with skilled technicians to oversee the jump-starting issue with the usage of the Jump-start Kit for boosting up your battery. Within a few jump-starts, you’ll be able to start the dead battery. It can be easily fixed by professionals within five minutes and the service will be done for around an hour, as they keep the engine running to ensure that the battery might not go dead again. In an unfortunate event of unforeseen breakdowns choosing GarageOnRoad, would be a big savior.


Our jump-start services are available in Delhi NCR along with Gurgaon and Chandigarh also.


Looking for 24*7 Roadside assistance for your car then GarageOnRoad.com will help you with the premium services at an affordable rate. Reach us now for more details or Download our App Now.

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