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Planning to buy a brand new car? If this is the case, then you must be having hundreds of thoughts in your mind. Practically speaking, buying a new car is not as easy as it seems. A person has to consider many things before making his mind to buy a vehicle. The most important thing is the intention to buy a vehicle. If you do not have an intention but you are still looking for a vehicle, you would either end up wasting your money or getting confused.

A knowledgeable person who knows much about cars would advise others to consider a few factors. These factors might seem obvious but can bring out confusing situations when you are standing in a car showroom. In this article, we will be discussing 5 such factors that one must consider before buying a car.



Planning your finances is the first and the most important thing. If you are a potential customer, purchasing a car would require doing some research work. You must different brands, different models, ad even the different dealerships of the same brand to get the best price of the car.

Budget is something that you must create even before entering into a showroom. The salesman would for sure try to persuade to you buy a car of a higher-end model that would be out of your budget. Once you are clear with your budget and you are aware of the end line, you would get into their sweet words.

There are different kinds of buyers, some who want to pay in cash, some in a cheque, and mostly, people prefer to pay in installments. You might face a problem when you are planning to take a loan to buy the car. It would require you to have a good credit score.


Another major factor one must consider before buying a car is the cost of ownership. It refers to all those expenses that an owner has to bear after buying a car. They include; insurance amount, consumption of oil, the maintenance cost of the vehicle, and all related things. If these things are not considered before buying a car, you will be forced to increase the budget.


Do not buy a particular model because someone told you. Investing in cars is a long term investment as no one buys vehicles every year. You must identify the reasons for which you want to have a car. They may include several family members, manual or automatic cars, etc. Once you have identified the exact reason for buying a car, you could even get a better car which was not in your list of preferred cars.


Never hurry to buy a car. The automobile industry has involved on a mass level. Many automobile giants have entered into this industry with their brands. Even if you have to wait for it, do not hesitate. There are chances when a manufacturer would reduce the price of a particular model to boost sales. That would be the best time for you to purchase the car as it would reduce the burden on your pocket.


Last but not the least, always estimate the resale value of the car you are planning to buy. Recently, the Govt. of India released regulations regarding usage of BS4 and BS6 type vehicles. This is one of the factors that affect the resale value of a car. Do consider it long before thinking of buying a model.

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