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Brake Fail is the worst thing that could happen while driving a vehicle. The situation even becomes worse when the driver and other passengers sitting in the car start panicking. It either ends in an accident or some other mishap.

But if handled carefully and patiently, the problem of brake failure could be solved like any other problem. There are plenty of ways to come out of this problem. The number of ways depends on the model and company of the car you own. 

Before getting into the steps during brakes fail, let us understand what are the factors that cause brake failure.


  • There are multiple causes of brake failure. It could happen because of brake fade that occurs when you pour excessive water on the brakes that depletes their quality. 
  • Another reason could be the leak of brake fluid. It also results in brakes failure. Nut during this situation, you will see an indicator on the dashboard indicating the leak.
  • You could also break failure if you apply sudden and maximum pressure on the brake while driving your vehicle.

These are some of the reasons that result in brake failure. Now without any further delay, let us discuss the things you must do while you get stuck in this situation.


Once you are aware of the fact that the brakes have failed, you must follow the below-mentioned things. It would not only protect you from any accident but will also prevent other drivers from getting into an accident with your vehicle.


The first and foremost thing one must do is find an empty lane. Make sure your seat belts are on and you do not press the accelerator in any case. Try to bring your into an empty lane so that the way is clear. 

Do not forget to turn on the indicators so that other drivers know about your situation. Apart from the indicators, ask the person sitting next to you to open the window and indicate other drivers about the situation.


This is a rare case but worth trying. Keep pumping or pushing the brakes. There are chances that it might reduce some speed of your vehicle. There are chances when the car mat gets stuck under the brakes. Through this continuous pushing, you might be able to successfully remove the car mat or any item stuck under the brake. 


Some might find this as the most logical and effective way of coming out of a Brake Fail situation. There are cases when applying hand brakes could work, but it might lead to another mishap as well. If your car is at high speed, applying hand brakes could spin you off from the car. 

Instead, wait for the engine to cool down or until the speed reaches around km/h. Gradually start applying the handbrake to stop your vehicle.


Gear Breaking in the concept of applying brakes during brakes failure. All you have to do is to bring down the gears of the vehicle as you start losing speed. It would bring down the speed of the car by -km/h. 

If you are considering applying back gear in a moving car, that might stop the vehicle but can cause heavy damage to the gearbox.


It might sound like an absurd idea but will reduce the speed of the car to a certain extent. Turning on Air Conditioners to the coolest temperatures, headlights, and wipers would absorb some kilowatts of t power that will reduce the speed of the car. 

These were some of the things that one must follow at the time of Brake Fail. However, most of the drivers get themselves into a panicking situation. Try to avoid getting into a panic and figure out ways to stop the vehicle.

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