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Nowadays, cars have become so modern that they simply pop a light on the dashboard to inform you that the car needs to be serviced. But what if your car is not a modern one? How will you know when to schedule your car service and when not to? Let’s read it here:-

Servicing your car is an important task to do when you own a vehicle. If you don’t service your car regularly, it may not work with full efficiency and may work slower instead.

The fastest and easiest way to know when to service your car is by reading the owner’s manual of your car.

The owner manual will have a section telling you how often and how many intervals of servicing does your car requires. 

But if you have lost or thrown your owner’s manual somewhere, then don’t worry. Most cars require servicing every 6 months or after running on 10,000 km. 


1. If your don’t get the service of your car regularly as per the schedule, you may encounter many issues while driving.

2. If regular or partial maintenance is not carried out, then you may experience decreased fuel economy, reduced efficiency, tons of mechanical issues, and poor driving feel.

3. Most of the cars nowadays are equipped with cleaning agents that help clean the interior of the engine. This helps in keeping the engine in good condition. But, the longer you use the oil, the more it worsens.

4. If you do not change this oil regularly, the passageways inside your car’s engine can get blocked with carbon deposits. Also, the wear on the internal parts of the engine can also increase.

5. Your car contains many fluids such as the braking fluid. It is essential to check on the fluids on regular basis  so that your car can run efficiently.  it is important to check and maintain the  brake fluid regularly. This is because your car’s brake fluid can absorb moisture from the air, decreasing the output of your braking system.

When should you get your car serviced?

For better driving and to avoid unfavorable conditions, you should increase the service operations of your car every 5,000 kilometers or every 3 months. Also, you should replace your car fluids as well at least once every year. This will protect the major components of your car and to enjoy smooth driving experience. We, also recommend you to flush your braking system at least every two years for an optimum driving experience.

If you don’t have any facility nearby then you can avail services of GarageOnRoad. We provides 24*7 roadside car assistance and mechanic services including car denting painting, Car Service in Delhi NCR and nearby areas.

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