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You came back from a party last night and your vehicle was working fine until this morning. What if you found out that your car has a dead battery? You are a hard-working man/woman and you need to get back to your office on the set time. But what will you do at this moment? Will you give a call to your neighbors for help or you will try to take another transport to reach back to your office? Well, instead of leaving your car with a dead battery why don’t you recharge your car’s battery?


Recharging a car battery is not as easy as it sounds. It is a technical process and might require assistance. If you are among those people who do not how to recharge a car battery or find it difficult, we have come up with easy steps. Following these steps, you would be able to know the exact cause of the dead battery. There are many reasons that result in dead car battery. There are cases when you might have left the car lights on or your car needs a new battery.

  • Check for dirt, debris, and dust in your car AC
  • Flush the components of car AC using air conditioner flush
  • Change the accumulator

How To Charge A Battery From Car2Car

Though you can easily charge a car battery from a battery charger, but it is not necessary that you have a battery charger. In that case, you must know how to charge a dead battery from another vehicle’s functional battery. To begin with, you would need red and black jumper cables, rubber gloves for protection, and another car’s charged battery. 

The process is easy but requires a little caution to avoid any kind of mishap. Before beginning with the process, you have to make sure that the car’s battery is neither leaking nor it has any visible cracks. Now it would be better if you place both cars facing each other from the front.


Once the cars are placed opposite to each other, open the hoods of the car and identify the positive ‘+’ and the negative ‘-‘terminals of the car batteries. Once identified, attach the positive jumper wire to the positive terminal of the dead battery and then to the positive terminal of the charged battery. Then attach the negative jumper cable to the negative terminal of the charged battery and then to the dead battery. Usually positive jumper wire is in red color and negative is in black color.


Once done, start the car with the charged battery. The cables would transfer the charge from the charged battery to the dead battery. It is advised to keep the car open for at least 10 minutes for a better result. Once done, start the car with the dead battery (now charged) and remove the jumper cables carefully. Make sure you take the car out for a drive for at least 20 minutes to avoid facing similar situation.

How To Charge A Car Battery From A Battery Charger

Here are the steps that will help in charging your car battery.

Locate your car battery

Usually, all the car's batteries are located at the same location. The first step you have to do is to locate the car battery and identify the Positive ‘+’ and the Negative ‘-‘ terminals of the battery. Most of the times, the positive and negative terminals are covered by plastic. In that case you need to remove that plastic covering to identify the terminals through which you will be charging the battery.

Battery Charger

You need a battery charger to recharge your car battery. Make sure your battery charger is unplugged from the main socket. The battery charger uses the household current to charge the car battery. Just make sure that no current in flowing in the battery charger before your start using it.

Attach The Charger With Car Battery

This is the most important step that should be followed carefully. All the battery chargers come with a red and black wire both attached to a separate metal clamps. You have to attach the red clamp to the positive terminal of the car battery and the black clamp to the negative terminal of the battery. Check again if the clamps are attached to the battery’s properly to avoid any mishap.


Plug in The Batter Charger

Once you have attached both the clamps with the battery, the next thing you have to do is to plug-in the battery charger and turn it on. Different battery chargers have different kinds of mechanism. Some of them automatically shut off as soon as the battery gets charged while others gives out a signal that the battery is charged. Turn off the chargers switch and remove both the clamps once the charger shows that your battery is charged.

Identify The Real Problem

Once you have recharged the battery, make sure you run a few checks with the battery. Drive your car for a few miles to make sure that the problem has solved. There are many cases that result in car’s dead battery such as keeping the lights open, deterioration of the battery, and many others. In case the car’s battery runs down again or weakens again, then merely charging the battery would not solve your problem.


In that case, you need to replace your old battery with a new one. Car batteries have a period to which they run smoothly and can be charged. But after some time, a car battery becomes obsolete. In that case, the only option you have is to replace the car battery. Installing and removing a car battery is not a big task. All you have to do is remove the negative and the positive wires from the battery and then just pull it out. You might need a little assistance for installing a new battery because the bolts need to be tightened properly while installing a new battery. There are many companies selling out car batteries, buy one that fulfills your purpose.

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