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April 2020 will bring a significant change in the automobile industry with the introduction of BSVI emission norms. (BS) VI has now become a buzzword in the industry, and in the coming days, automobile giants will be seen quitting diesel cars. Companies like Maruti Suzuki, Skoda, Volkswagen, Nissan, and Tata Motors have declared ending diesel cars in the coming days.

Key points for BSVI emission norms-



  • Implementation of (BS) VI emission norms
  • Upgrading to petrol cars will be costly
  • (BS) VI will increase prices for cars

Why there is a discontinuation of diesel cars in India?

With automobile giants ending with the continuation of diesel cars will undoubtedly raise questions in the mind of the customers on the why factor-

As per the latest government norms, say Bharat Stage BSVI emission norms, the companies are bound to quit the manufacturing of diesel cars.
With the implementation of (BS), VI in cars, or any vehicle will increase the cost.
Recently, most of the vehicles are equipped with (BS) IV-V, and with a sudden increase to (BS) VI will cut the major profit ratio.

Difference Between SUV And Compact SUV

Diesel is identified excellent for the engines when compared with petrol. But when it comes to the emission of pollutants, the bar is high with diesel only. Along with this, the noise and vibration level is high in diesel cars. The decision was taken by companies like Maruti, Skoda, Volkswagen, etc. will turn out to be in favor of both customers and the environment too.


If you are an owner of a diesel car, then there is nothing to worry about. The implication of (BS) VI will not have any adverse repercussions. Plus there will be diesel service stations working too. On a concluding note, the decision of (BS) VI emission norms will be apt for the changing automobile industry and will make India pollution-free. While, on the contrary, there might be an increase in the price of diesel and nation can expect the stock clearance from the automobile companies that are dealing in diesel cars.

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