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Mahindra is geared up to launch its very new and innovative car which has already raised many eyebrows in the automobile industry. Also, Mahindra eKUV100 is an electric vehicle, and this is the main reason, youth is getting attracted towards it. So, we thought to help you with the review of Mahindra eKUV 100.

  • Can will go from 0-60km/h in 11 seconds
  • The exterior is in the form of Hatchback
  • The available colors are black, white, orange, silver, grey and red.

Here is the detailed review of Mahindra eKUV 100




The estimated cost of Mahindra eKUV100 is 10, 50,000/-


This car is going to proffer you with the best mileage that is 140km when fully charged. Also, it can run at the rate of 60km/hr that too just in 11 seconds. Along with this, it has a CC engine, cylinders, 3 phase AC induction electric motor.

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Battery life

As the car has not yet launched, so it is hard to tell about the battery life and alongside how to charge the battery of Mahindra eKUV100 is also not yet revealed. But it is quite sure; with regular maintenance, it will be easy to extend the battery life, voltage control and so on.


The seating capacity of Mahindra eKUV100 is for five to six persons. Along with this, it has cabin pre-cooling, connectivity features remote diagnostic, electronic compact compressor, battery status display and real-time location tracking as well.

Body Type

Mahindra eKUV100 is designed in the form Hatchback with an estimated weight of 1100kgs.


Here you will get options to choose from as there are many options in the list like black, white, orange, silver, grey and red.

Mahindra eKUV 100 Launch Date

The launch date of Mahindra eKUV100 is not revealed but is anticipated to come on the road by mid-2019.

Mahindra has not yet revealed the entire specifications of Mahindra eKUV100 considering some of the aspects like


Whether the car will have both fuel and battery control or not?
How to charge the car for long journeys?
How long will the battery work once charge?


So, this was our review of Mahindra eKUV100 that you must consider before making any further decisions, We will keep you updated with all the upcoming information about Mahindra eKUV100 too.

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