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Coronavirus has put the whole world in a state of fear. The only way to prevent illness is by avoiding being exposed to the COVID virus. Now for the people who have to travel in their car even during this pandemic, you must have these essentials in your car with which you can stay safe from the virus even while traveling. Here are the Top Coronavirus Travel Essentials for you:

1. Face Mask

We all know that, most of the virus spreads through direct contact with an infected person or infected person. To stay safe from them, you should keep a face mask in your car. Also, with the face mask, you’ll be breathing clean air that is filtered from all kinds of germs and viruses. this also reduces your risk of getting the virus.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Our hands are very sensitive and can get germs easily. So, to prevent the germs from going from your hand to your mouth, use a hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands. While driving, your hands come in contact with many things such as the steering, the gears, etc. Who knows that there may be germs hiding in there. Therefore, just for your safety, hand sanitizers are a must-have item.

3. Air Purifier

COVID virus can even stay in the air (but just for a few seconds). So just to be a little careful, you may want to include an air purifier in your car so that you inhale fresh and clean air only.

4. Disposable Gloves

Your hands are a way for the virus germs to enter your body. Hands come in contact with many things the whole day and who knows that the virus germs were present there? So just to be a little more careful, make sure to wear disposable gloves while driving. And after usage, throw the gloves at a safe place.

5. Surface Cleaner/ Disinfectant

Cleaning surfaces with disinfectants is the best method to kill the virus on the surfaces. It has also been suggested by the World Health Organization as a precautionary measure. Make sure to keep a surface disinfectant in your car and disinfect all the surfaces at least once a day.

6. Plastic Seat Covers

It may sound like we’re going too far with the list, but your life is at risk, this is not something to take lightly. If you have an extra passenger in your car other than you, be sure to have additional plastic seat covers. This plastic sheet cover can be used to cover their seat. With this, the germs, if any, will remain on the cover and not the seat, and you can dump the covers later on.


Remember! Social distancing is also important with Top Coronavirus Travel Essentials. It is the only solution available that prevents the virus from spreading. So, if you’re driving a car, be sure to have no or a maximum of one passenger in your car. Follow the social distancing rules strictly and Drive Safe!

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