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BMW has always made cars that people have loved. When it comes to sports cars, most people will think of a sleek car with a cool design and high-speed range. Now, BMW has implemented this kind of feature in its all-new Z4. So here’s a review of the new BMW Z4:

  • Check for dirt, debris, and dust in your car AC
  • Flush the components of car AC using air conditioner flush
  • Change the accumulator

Reasons Car Keys Get Stuck In Ignition

Locked Steering Wheel

Every car is equipped with an auto-steering wheel lock system. When you have parked your car with the keys still inside the ignition and you turn the steel wheel, it would get locked automatically. 

It is the most common thing that a driver faces. If your steering wheel gets locked with the car key in the ignition, you won’t be able to take them out until and unless you unlock the steering wheel.

Dead Car Battery

The ignition system of the car works entirely on the car battery. If you have a dead car battery, it would lock the entire ignition system of the car. In this situation, if the car key is inside the ignition, you won’t be able to take it out without solving the battery problem.

Obsolete Ignition Cylinder

If the ignition cylinder in your car is damaged or about to die, then there are chances that it will lock the entire ignition system. If your car key is inside the ignition during this time, you would not likely be able to pull out the key from the ignition.

Damaged or Wrong Car Key

No one used a different key to start the car. But there are instances when people are in a hurry and use a different key to start the car. In that case, using a wrong car key could damage the ignition system as it would not match with the locking pins. Another case could be of using a damaged car key.


If you put a damaged car key in the ignition, it could cause damage to the ignition cylinder. In both of these cases removing the car, keys would be a really difficult and troublesome task.

Handle Things Wisely

These were some of the reasons that resulted in the car key getting stuck inside the ignition. Although there are ways to pull out the key from the ignition, it is advised that you must consider calling professionals for the same.

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